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By Liliana Albertazzi, Massimo Libardi, Roberto Poli (auth.), Liliana Albertazzi, Massimo Libardi, Roberto Poli (eds.)

The vital concept built via the contributions to this publication is that the cut up among analytic philosophy and phenomenology - maybe the main impor­ tant schism in twentieth-century philosophy - resulted from a radicalization of reciprocal partialities. either colleges of proposal proportion, in truth, an analogous cultural heritage and their related preliminary stimulus within the considered Franz Brentano. And one final result of the next rift among them was once the oblivion into which the determine and regarded Brentano have fallen. step one to absorb remedying this cut up is to come to Brentano and to reconstruct the 'map' of Brent ani sm. the second one activity (which has been addressed through this publication) is to restore inter­ est within the theoretical complexity of Brentano' s inspiration and of his scholars and to revitalize these facets which were overlooked via next debate in the a variety of hobbies of Brentanian thought. we've got for that reason made up our minds to prepare the booklet into introductory es­ says via sections (Parts 1 and a couple of) which systematically study Brentano's proposal and that of his fans. the 2 introductory essays re­ build the explanations for the 'invisibility', as a way to communicate, of Brentano and set out of his philosophical doctrine. half 1 of the ebook then ex­ the fundamental good points amines six of Brentano's most eminent students (Marty, Stumpf, Meinong, Ehrenfels, Husserl and Twardowski). half 2 includes 9 essays focusing on the critical issues addressed through the Brentanians.

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13 When Italy Brentano's departure from Vienna and Austria is described in Brentano 1895. The following works were published during Brentano's Viennese period: Was fur ein Philosoph manchmal Epoche macht (1876), Vom Ursprung sittlicher Erkenntnis (1889), Das Genie (1892), Vom Schlechten als Gegenstand dichterischer Darstellung (1892), Ober die ZukunJt der Philosophie (1893), Die vier Phasen der Philosophie und ihr gegenwiirtiger Stand (1895). 13 About Brentano's influence in Italy see Garin 1960; Riondato 1961; Giannetti 1977; Santucci 1993; but above all Albertazzi 1992 and Albertazzi & Poli 1993.

Analyses of concepts - which provided analytic philosophers like Moore and Russell with their point of departure and whose explicit methodology brought them into immediate contact with the Brentanians and all the proponents of scientific philosophy - progressively ramified into general analyses of language. The now dominant assumption was that consciousness is essentially linguistic in character. The meanings present in consciousness were taken to be reducible to linguistic meanings. To which an immediate corollary was the conviction that the fundamental process whereby meanings are attributed to referents is naming.

42 Tarski himself, moreover, was well aware of the 'philosophical' value of his work. But it is phenomenology which represents, at least in its early form, the most fertile point of contact between logic and philosophy. Not only were Logical investigations enormously influential, but Husserl's logical inquiry was entirely in harmony with the investigations that Frege was conducting at the same time. The phenomenological tradition also comprised a flourishing school of foundational research: suffice it to mention Husserl's Philosophy of arithmetic, Kaufmann's work on the infinite in mathematics, Ehrenfels' essay on the philosophy of mathematics, and above all Oskar Becker's analysis of the concept of mathematical existence and on the phenomenological foundation of geometry from an intuitionist perspective.

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