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Cairns , R. B. and Samson, J. A. , Phys. Rev . , 139, Al403 (1965). Huffman, R. , Paulsen , D. , Larrabee, J . C. and Cairns, R . , J. geophys. , 76, 1028 ( 197 1). 12 Lofthus, A . , ' The Molecular Spectrum of Nitrogen' , University of Oslo, 1 960. , J. chem. , 49, 857 (1 968). 14 Inn, E. C. Y. , J. opt. Soc. , 43, 870 (1953). 15 Watanabe, K . and Zelikolf, M . , J. opt. Soc. , 43, 753 (1953). , Annis Geophys. , 26, 531 (1 970). , Matsunaga, F. M. , Appl. , 6, 391 ( 1 967). 18 Inn, E. C . Y . , Watanabe, K .

And 145 run and continuous absorption again below 69 nm. 4 run so that bands below this wavelength are superimposed upon an ionization continuum. Fig . 16 shows the data of Watanabe and Zelikoff 1 5 for the region between 120 and 180 run Other data are discussed by Hudson. 7 Absorption in the long wavelength continuum is expected to result in the dissociation of water molecules which diffuse upwards into the mesosphere . Nicolet 1 6 has calculated the rate of photodissociation of water vapour in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere, at various solar zenith angles .

Interest was thereby attracted to other reactions of 02(1 A8) , which have since been the subject of laboratory studies. 4 Ground observations of seeding experiments The majority of the chemical releases from rockets have been intended to gather information about physical rather than chemical processes occurring at high altitudes. The procedure is to release the chemical above a predetermined altitude, either continuously o r in bursts, by escape of a vapour or by explosion of a grenade filled with a suitable charge.

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