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By Marek Ploszajczak, Robert Botet

Provides in a entire and innovative approach, the looks of common restrict likelihood legislation in physics, and their reference to the lately built scaling conception of fluctuations.

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There is a fine closed formula for the distributions /MN, which are the polynomials of order N — 1 [J. B. Uspensky (1937)] : . W"0 = 2^M (N+m^/N~/Z)l2 £0 i (-&(")(*-** + > The following remarks help to understand the essential elements of the convergence to the normal law. ) = 9/5, etc. 5) especially for higher orders. 5). 2b. This is the basic for a 'quick and dirty' pseudo-random generator with the normal distribution, when accuracy is not essential *. "Let us take half of the sum of four pseudo-random variables uniformly distributed over [—\/3, \/3].

More precisely, suppose that the distribution fx{%) is exactly 0 for x < XQ, and fx{x) ~ (a; — XQ)C~1 near the threshold. 44) when the number N tends to infinity. Moments of the Weibull distribution are all given by : {wq)we%bull =T(q/c+l) when the corresponding value if finite. 9 shows typical Weibull distributions for a few values of the positive exponent c. f (w) Fig. 44) for the values : c = 1 (the exponential distribution), c = 2 (the ), and c = 4. The abscissa m = l n x / c 2 corresponds to the median.

7. 3). 3) is called the domain of attraction of the normal law. This asymptotic condition is indeed very general, and explains a posteriori why the normal law is so widely spread in the Nature. In particular, it is the case for any bounded random variables Xj. e. only the large-z behaviour, is needed to conclude about the appearance of the normal law. In this sense, the normal law depends only on the frequency of appearance of large - and Central Limit Theorem for Broad Distributions 11 therefore rare -, values of the microscopic variables.

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