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By Marc Frantz, Annalisa Crannell

An undergraduate textbook dedicated solely to relationships among arithmetic and paintings, Viewpoints is superb for math-for-liberal-arts classes and arithmetic classes for wonderful arts majors. The textbook features a large choice of classroom-tested actions and difficulties, a sequence of essays through modern artists written specially for the booklet, and a plethora of pedagogical and studying possibilities for teachers and scholars. Viewpoints specializes in mathematical components: standpoint regarding drawing man-made kinds and fractal geometry on the topic of drawing usual types. Investigating aspects of the 3-dimensional international for you to comprehend mathematical innovations in the back of the paintings, the textbook explores paintings issues together with comedian, anamorphic, and classical artwork, in addition to images, whereas offering such mathematical principles as percentage, ratio, self-similarity, exponents, and logarithms. elementary difficulties and lucrative options empower scholars to make exact, refined drawings. own essays and brief biographies by means of modern artists are interspersed among chapters and are observed through photographs in their paintings. those wonderful artists--who contain mathematicians and scientists--examine how arithmetic impacts their artwork. obtainable to scholars of all degrees, Viewpoints encourages experimentation and collaboration, and captures the essence of inventive and mathematical production and discovery. Classroom-tested actions and challenge fixing available difficulties that movement past usual artwork tuition curriculum a number of suggestions of various trouble and applicability acceptable for college kids of all arithmetic and paintings degrees unique and specific essays through modern artists approaching: teachers guide (available purely to academics)

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