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By Bruce Pandolfini

With guns of Chess, nationwide grasp and hugely acclaimed instructor Bruce Pandolfini brings us the main available and easy-to-use chess method ebook ever.
Written for starting and intermediate avid gamers, guns of Chess is the 1st encyclopedia of chess innovations that doesn't depend upon the standard baffling chess notation. There are not any symbolic chess strikes, no charts or sequences in chess notation: each flow is defined in phrases.
Arranged alphabetically for simple use and dependent customarily on pawn formation, the exceedingly distinctive and thorough entries during this booklet speak a participant via dozens of universal strategic dilemmas, equivalent to "doubled pawn," "bishops vs. knights," and "hanging pawn pair." Diagrams illustrate the phrases, first exhibiting the fundamental place after which strategically relocating to extra complex types of it. avid gamers will how you can formulate plans after they have reached a middlegame, allowing them to make wiser strategic judgements after the 1st few strikes of the sport.
Designed to be used as a prepared reference in the course of real perform video games, and usable with out a chess board, guns of Chess is a different and useful source for any constructing chess participant.

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