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By J. Adámek, J. Rosický, E. M. Vitale, F. W. Lawvere

Algebraic theories, brought as an idea within the Sixties, were a basic step in the direction of a express view of common algebra. additionally, they've got proved very necessary in numerous parts of arithmetic and desktop technology. This rigorously built publication offers a scientific creation to algebra according to algebraic theories that's available to either graduate scholars and researchers. it is going to facilitate interactions of basic algebra, classification thought and desktop technological know-how. A principal proposal is that of sifted colimits - that's, these commuting with finite items in units. The authors end up the duality among algebraic different types and algebraic theories and speak about Morita equivalence among algebraic theories. additionally they pay targeted recognition to one-sorted algebraic theories and the corresponding concrete algebraic different types over units, and to S-sorted algebraic theories, that are very important in application semantics. the ultimate bankruptcy is dedicated to finitary localizations of algebraic different types, a contemporary learn quarter.

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Also, colimits always exist, but they are seldom built up at the level of sets. We will study colimits in subsequent chapters. 21 Proposition For every algebraic theory T , the category Alg T is closed in Set T under limits. 18 Chapter 1 Proof Limits are formed objectwise in Set T . 5), given a diagram in Set T whose objects are functors preserving finite products, a limit of that diagram also preserves finite products. 22 Corollary Every algebraic category is complete. 23 Remark 1. The previous proposition means that limits of algebras are formed objectwise at the level of sets.

Manes (1976) is, in spite of its title, devoted to monads, not theories; an introduction to monads can be found in Appendix A. 2 Sifted and filtered colimits Colimits in algebraic categories are, in general, not formed objectwise. In this chapter, we study the important case of sifted colimits, which are always formed objectwise. Prominent examples of sifted colimits are filtered colimits and reflexive coequalizers (see Chapter 3). 1 Definition A small category D is called 1. sifted if finite products in Set commute with colimits over D 2.

The embedding Lex T → Set T preserves limits and filtered colimits. 3. Lex T is cocomplete. 5. 5. 17 Theorem For every finitely complete small category T , the Yoneda embedding YT : T op → Lex T is a free completion of T op under filtered colimits. In other words, Lex T = Ind (T op ). 3). 16). 13: just replace sifted with filtered everywhere. 18 Remark Let T be a finitely complete small category. 15, if B is cocomplete and the functor F: T op → B preserves finite colimits, then its extension F ∗: Lex T → B preserving filtered colimits has a right adjoint.

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