Download Chiral Pesticides: Stereoselectivity and Its Consequences by A. Wayne Garrison, Jay Gan, Weiping Liu PDF

By A. Wayne Garrison, Jay Gan, Weiping Liu

content material: An advent to Pesticide Chirality and the implications of Stereoselectivity --
part: Occurrences --
Chiral chlordane elements in environmental matrices --
comparability of the enantiomer distribution of chiral organochlorine contaminants in captive West Greenland sled canine and polar bears from Baffin Bay --
part: research --
Enantioselective Separation and research of Chiral Herbicides --
Enantioselective Separation and research of artificial Pyrethroids --
part: poisonous results --
Environmental Enantioselective results of Chiral insecticides --
Enantioselective Toxicity of Chiral insecticides in Aquatic structures --
Enantioselectivity in Estrogenic power of Chiral insecticides --
Phytotoxicity and Their Environmental destiny of Chiral Herbicides --
part: Toxicity exams --
Enantioselective Cytotoxicity and Molecular Mechanisms of contemporary Chiral insecticides --
comparing in vivo Toxicity of Chiral insecticides utilizing the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryo version --
part: threat overview and Product development --
Ecological possibility overview matters for Chiral insecticides --
program of stereoselective bioassays for development in pesticide layout : An instance from China utilizing methamidophos and its derivatives.

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