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By W. A. Gray, R. Müller and D. W. Hopkins (Auth.)

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FIG. 5. Furnace enclosure divided into three sections by imaginary planes. Imaginary plane I W,A — WIE B FIG. 6. Radiant energy incident upon and leaving an imaginary plane surface. 5 The fall in temperature along a cylindrical furnace, 7 m long and 1 m in diameter, may be approximated by a temperature of 1100°C (1373 K) along the first 2 m, 800°C (1073 K) for the next 3 m and 650°C (923 K) for the final 2 m. The end faces are at the temperatures of their respec­ tive sections and all surfaces have emissivities of 0-75.

0026 -0-248 1-0 3 0-69 0-31 20 5-07 52 ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS IN RADIATIVE HEAT TRANSFER The net heat transfer to the floor is Q = A3e3(W3 - Eb3)/p3 = 1078 kW. 4 ENCLOSURE COMPRISING GREY A N D BLACK SURFACES When one of the surfaces in the enclosure can be assumed to be black, the analysis must be modified to determine the energy incident upon the surface (H) and not the leaving flux (radiosity, W). 2, calculate the net heat transfer to the floor of the furnace assuming it to be black. F^ A3Eb3 + A2W2F23 - A3Eb3.

7) into eq. 8) where i = 1, 2, 3, . , n. An equation of this kind is produced for each surface and provides n linear simultaneous equations containing n unknown values of the leaving fluxes. After solution of these equations, the net heat trans­ ferred from each surface is provided by eq. 3) multiplied by the area of the surface, that is, gf=a c,(iM-yM (3-9) (i — *i) Problems involving two- or three-surface enclosures need only involve hand calculations; enclosures of more than three surfaces generally require some computational aid.

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