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CRC instruction manual OF TABLES FOR natural COMPOUND IDENTIFICAITON third variation CRC PRESS 6th PRINTING 1976 by means of THE CHEMICAL RUBBER corporation

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C M p 'C Df 07886 443930 0 788230 5070" 0 976633 4494s 4505s 4516 s 4527s 4536s »ff Phenylazide adduct. I + 2 H2O Mercuric salt From the terminal alkyne and K 2 HgI 4 (prepared from mercuric chloride, potassium iodide_aira potassium hydroxide) For directions and examples see Linstead, p 52, J R Johnson and W L McEwen, J Amer Chem Soc, 48,469(1926) Hydration to form carbonyl compound Terminal acetylenes Other acetylenes RC=CH + H2O H2SO4 RC^CR' + H 2 O H2S 4 ° » HgS04 RCOCH3 Methyl ketone —^ RCOCH 2 R' + HgSO4 RCH 2 COR' Mixture of ketones From the alkyne in methanol and a catalyst composed of boron trifluonde etherate, red mercuric oxide and tnchloroacetic acid For directions and examples see J G Sharefkm and E M Boghosian, Anal Chem , 33,640(1961) From the alkyne, mercuric sulfate and sulfunc acid in 70% methanol, m 70% acetone or in 60% acetic acid See Cheroms, p 576, H Erdmann and F Kother, Z Anorg Chem , 18, 48 (1898), R J Thomas, K.

No Name Melting point, "C 1 1 ,2,6-Trimelhylnaphthalene 2 Diphenylmethane 26 7 3 1 ,2,3-Trimethylnaphrhalene 27 8,al 4 1,6,7-TrimethylnaphtKalene 5 2-Isopropylazulene 14 28, me al Boiling point, °C 146'° 2647. 261 2, 120'° 125-3012 285. al 107 132-3, or , al 1 38, yel 140-1, dk red, al 1275, 140 5, al or . al 140-l,al 135, or , al 'Derivative data given in order m p , crystal color, solvent from which crystallized 43 125 6, al 1 -mono 81 CrO3 -» /3-Naphthoic acid, 182 2,4,6-Tnmtrotoluene denv , 62, yel TABLE IV.

1-Dimelhylanthracene 84 2,2'-Dimethylstilbene (ivm-Di-o-tolylethylene) 85 1-Methylanthracene 82 3 170' 119 20, or 163 4, yel 141 bl fluorescence 136 83 83 176 80'" 102 85 6, me 199 200 1156 6 2, red. 125 83, b! vlt al 89 148 9, 219098, red, bz 1764 7 0, red, me al Df 1 0471 nD» 1 6802. crystal color, solvent from which crystallized 46 Br2 — » bromo denv , 152 TABLE IV. O R G A N I C DERIVATIVES OF A R O M A T I C HYDROCARBONS b) Solids. )* (Continued) No Name 96 3,9-Dimethyl-l,2-benzanthracene 97 5,6-Benzindane (2 3-Cyclopentenonaphthalene) 98 12-Isopropylnaphthanthracene 99 Acenaphthene Melting point, "C Boiling point 'C 94 278 96 7,al 101 7-Isopropyl-l-methvlfliiorene 965 70, al 985 99 270 d .

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