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By James S. Fritz, Douglas T. Gjerde

This thoroughly revised and up-to-date fourth version of the best-selling vintage is a radical remedy of the topic whereas final concise and readable. New additions comprise capillary electrophoresis, monolithic columns, zwitterion colums, DNA/RNA research, basics of the technology of IC, and micro equipment. the entire is rounded off through convenient tables with information on detection or elution stipulations, between others.

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However, the H+ counterion is free to move about and can be exchanged for another cation. 4) If this reaction goes essentially to completion, the resin is said to be in the sodium (ion) form. Traditionally, anion-exchange resins have been made by a two-stage set of reactions (although other synthesis methods are now being used). The first step is a Friedel-Crafts reaction to attach the chloromethyl group to the benzene rings of styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. Then the anion exchanger is formed by reaction of the chloromethylated resin with an amine.

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