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By Ray Wenderlich, Rod Strougo

Build the following nice iOS online game with Cocos2D! <p style="margin: 0px;"> 
<p msonormal="" style="margin: 0px;">Cocos2D is the powerhouse framework in the back of probably the most renowned video games within the App shop. If you’ve performed Tiny Wings, indignant Birds, Mega leap, Trainyard, or perhaps Super faster motion Pig, then you’ve performed a online game that makes use of Cocos2D or Box2D physics. the great thing about Cocos2D is its simplicity. It’s effortless to develop into beaten should you commence constructing an iOS online game, particularly in case you examine such things as OpenGL ES, OpenAL, and different decrease point APIs. Writing a video game for the iPhone and iPad doesn't need to be that tricky, and Cocos2D makes video game improvement enjoyable and easy.
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<p msonormal="" style="margin: 0px;"> Learning Cocos2D walks you thru the method of creating Space Viking (which is loose at the App Store), a second scrolling video game that leverages Cocos2D, Box2D, and Chipmunk. As you construct Space Viking, you’ll examine every thing you must learn about Cocos2D so that you can create the subsequent killer iOS game.
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<p msonormal="" style="margin: 0px;">Download the unfastened model of Space Viking from the App shop this day! aid Ole locate his manner domestic whereas studying the way to construct the game.
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<p style="margin: 0px;">As you construct Space Viking, you’ll find out how to
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* set up and configure Cocos2D so it really works with Xcode 4
* construct an entire second motion experience video game with Cocos2D
* upload animations and stream on your games
* construct your game’s major menu display for gaining access to levels
* Use Cocos2D’s Scheduler to ensure the precise occasions take place on the correct times
* Use tile maps to construct scrolling online game degrees from reusable images
* upload audio and sound results with CocosDenshion—Cocos2D’s sound engine
* upload gravity, sensible collisions, or even ragdoll results with Box2D and Chipmunk physics engines
* upload impressive results for your video games with particle systems
* Leverage online game heart on your video game for achievements and chief boards
* Squeeze the main functionality out of your video games in addition to counsel and tricks

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3 Xcode Add New File dialog 3. For the Subclass field, enter CCLayer and click Next. 4. m and click Save. 4 shows the Add new file window.

Each layer ( CCLayer) can in turn have sprites ( CCSprite), labels ( CCLabel), and other objects you want to display onscreen. If you remember, when you added SpaceCargoShip, you created a new sprite and then added it as a child of the layer. 11. m file. Look inside the applicationDidFinishLaunching method, which is where the Cocos2D Director ( CCDirector) is set up and instantiated. On line 113, you will see the following, which is where HelloWorld scene is allocated and run: [[CCDirector sharedDirector] runWithScene: [HelloWorld scene]]; In the HelloWorld sample, the CCDirector allocates the HelloWorld scene and then proceeds to run it, calling all of the schedulers and draw calls of the scene and its children.

5 covers the applicationDidFinishLaunching method that is called by the UIApplicationMain when CCHelloWorld is loaded and ready to start running. 1) use the default director if( ! wantsFullScreenLayout = YES; // 3 // Create the EAGLView manually // 1. Create a RGB565 format. Alternative: RGBA8 // 2. depth format of 0 bit. Use 16 or 24 bit for 3d effects, // like CCPageTurnTransition EAGLView *glView = [EAGLView viewWithFrame:[window bounds] pixelFormat:kEAGLColorFormatRGB565 depthFormat:0]; // 4 For the More Curious: Understanding the Cocos2D HelloWorld // attach the openglView to the director [director setOpenGLView:glView]; // By default, this template only supports Landscape orientations.

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