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By Michael F. L'Annunziata

Annuziata writes a good creation for radioactivity. He provides a fantastic ancient point of view to this hugely misunderstood box. an exceptional realizing of algebra is required to persist with the technical elements. somebody with a technical history who desires a greater knowing of radioactivity will make the most of examining this.

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Nuclear technology is part of that effort. … This information is difficult to obtain by other means, but is critical for developing robust and affordable policies for the protection of freshwater resources. … Currently, surface waters in rivers and lakes are being exploited to the maximum, and ground water resources are getting depleted or contaminated in many parts of the world. … Isotope techniques help to provide rapidly hydrological information for large areas and will undoubtedly be a key component of global efforts in water resource assessment and management.

Many people in many nations do not have adequate water supplies, and scientific research into maintaining and improving the supply and quality of our water is vital to human development and the conservation of the environment. In an address given at the Opening Ceremony of the Environment Exhibition on the Occasion of the 50th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on September 19, 2006, in Vienna, Austria, Professor Dr Werner Burkart stated the following concerning global water resources and the role of nuclear technology in helping the world meet its future water needs: Here in Vienna, there is an abundance of good quality water, sometimes too much pouring from the skies, but more than 1 billion people [worldwide] have no access to clean water, and predictions are that, without intervention, about two-third’s of the world’s population will face shortages by 2025.

F. qxd 6/11/07 4:09 PM Page 18 18 Introduction: Radioactivity and Our Well-Being 1960 more earthshaking papers on SIT with titles such as “Controlled screwworm eradication by atomic radiation”, “Sterile-male method of population control”, and “Use of insects for their own destruction”. He had a very long and successful career in the continued development of his SIT technique for the control and eradication of numerous types of insect pests as well as other methods of insect control, and he published numerous works as recently as 1998, 2 years before his passing.

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