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By John E. Ferguson Jr., Alan Marzilli

Is there a correct to die? may still the aged or the terminally in poor health be allowed to take their very own lives? may still the households of comatose sufferers be approved to determine while to drag the plug? supplying excerpts from court docket judgements, this paintings examines the incendiary factor through illuminating the arguments from either side.

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S. 46 Likewise, if a person does not wish to continue his life, then the government should not make him do so. The Fourteenth Amendment gives states the power to protect the lives of people through the use of police power. It does not give the state the right to force people to continue their lives. A person does not have to use his right to life any more than a person must use his right to free speech. The state’s job is to make sure the person has the opportunity to exercise his rights. It does not have the right to force people to do the same.

57 Central to this legal battle was a Missouri law that required “clear and convincing evidence” that an incapacitated person would want to be removed from life support before such actions occurred. Among the issues the court would look at were the In sum, we conclude that a State may apply a clear and convincing evidence standard in proceedings where a guardian seeks to discontinue nutrition and hydration of a person diagnosed to be in a persistent veg-­ etative state. We note that many courts which have adopted some sort of substituted judgment procedure in situations like this, whether they limit consideration of evidence to the prior expressed wishes of the incompetent individual, or whether they allow more general proof of what the individ-­ ual’s decision would have been, require a clear and convincing standard of proof for such evidence.

In the abstract, it sounds like a wonderful idea, but in a practi-­ cal sense it would be a disaster. ”40 Because one of the government’s duties is to avoid dispropor-­ tionate impact of laws on citizens, allowing euthanasia may lead to perversions in the system. there is no way to decide which lives are worth living, so all lives should be protected. Who will determine who lives and who dies is one of the most troubling aspects of the right-­to-­die debate. This is because whoever makes the decisions determines which lives are worth living and which are not.

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