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By J. F. Parcher and T. L. Chester (Eds.)

content material: Unified chromatography : what's it? / J.F. Parcher and T.L. Chester --
Unified chromatography from the cellular part standpoint / T.L. Chester --
strain as a unifying parameter in chromatographic retention / C.E. Evans, M.C. Ringo, and L.M. Ponton --
3-dimensional stochastic simulation for the unified therapy of chromatographic and electrophoretic separations / Victoria L. McGuffin, Peter E. Krouskop, and Daniel L. Hopkins --
desktop simulations of interphases and solute move in liquid and measurement exclusion chromatography / Thomas L. Beck and Steven J. Klatte --
Exploring multicomponent section equilibria via Monte Carlo simulations : towards an outline of gas-liquid chromatography / Marcus G. Martin, J. Ilja Siepmann, and Mark R. Schure --
desk bound- and mobile-phase interactions in supercritical fluid chromatography / Sihua Xu ... [et al.] --
Packed capillary columns in sizzling liquid and in supercritical cellular stages / T. Greibrokk ... [et al.] --
Packed capillary column chromatography with fuel, supercritical, and liquid cellular levels / Keith D. Bartle ... [et al.] --
purposes of enhanced-fluidity liquid combos in separation technology : an replace / S.V. Olesik --Universal chromatography for quick separations / Milton L. Lee and Christopher R. Bowerbank --
functional merits of packed column supercritical fluid chromatography in assisting combinatorial chemistry / T.A. Berger.

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