Relax back into CAFÉ DRÔME

Come and enjoy 18th century architecture and specialty coffee just moments away from the Tomioka Silk Mill World Heritage Site.

Old private house cafe
built in 1875

Old private house cafe built in 1875

Café Drôme is named for the Drôme region in France, birthplace of Paul Brunat. Brunat was the first director of the Tomioka Silk Mill in the 1870s, and the café is located today in a converted tenement first built in 1875.

Patrons can enjoy historical exhibits and photographs at Café Drôme, appreciating delicious coffee and a unique historical experience.

Menu with a focus on raw, local ingredients

Menu with a focus on raw, local ingredients

Gunma Prefecture has a long, unique tradition of miso and wheat-based cuisine.

Here at Café Drôme, these traditions are carried on with miso and wheat-based Japanese sweets.

Gunma people
love miso!

The people of Gunma love miso!

Café Drôme's most popular dessert is "Sokoga Miso," a Japanese-style pudding desert with delicious miso caramel at the base (soko).


Specialty Coffee

At Café Drôme, all of our coffee is specialty coffee - meaning we purchase from trustworthy roasters who source beans directly from growers.
Coffee-lovers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the farm-to-cup journey adheres to strict standards for an ethical product.


Cafe Drome for lunch

The main meals we offer at Café Drôme are pasta dishes and sandwiches (with occasional changes and updates!)

The pasta at Café Drôme is made with "Kinu no Nami," a locally-grown Gunma wheat variety, as well as carefully selected ingredients.
The result is an award-winning thick, chewy pasta type that has even been enjoyed by the Japanese Prime Minister!

Weekdays 11:00-14:00
Weekends and holidays 11:00-15:00


Jyoshu-Tomioka specialty in a sandwich!

We offer the horumon-age sandwich - a fresh take on the beloved local delicacy called horumon-age.
We also offer a delivery service of horumon-age sandwiches to local businesses.

What is Horumon-age?

Horumon-age is one of the weird and wonderful dishes of Tomioka City! Fried Japanese fish cakes (called chikuwa) lathered in sweet-savory sauce are a longtime staple of Tomioka cuisine. Café Drôme has updated the tradition with exclusive Horumon-age sandwiches!