Gunma Prefecture has a long, unique tradition of miso and wheat-based cuisine. Here at Café Drôme, these traditions are carried on with miso and wheat-based Japanese sweets.

Recommended Set Menu

This is a special set that includes your choice of drink.

Drome set

¥ 1,200

  • Homemade Quiche
  • Bread
  • vegetable salad
  • Drink of your choice

Chiffon Cake Set

¥ 1,200

  • Today's chiffon cake - with ice cream
  • Drink of your choice

Pudding Soko Ga Miso Set

¥ 1,000

  • Pudding Soko Ga Miso
  • Drink of your choice

Seasonal Dessert Set

¥ 1,000~

  • Seasonal Dessert
  • Drink of your choice

Gunma people
love miso!

The people of Gunma love miso!

Café Drôme's most popular dessert is "Sokoga Miso," a Japanese-style pudding desert
with delicious miso caramel at the base (soko).

Drink Menu

All coffee is made from specialty coffee beans

Specialty blended coffee

HOT ¥ 550 / ICE ¥ 550

Café latte

HOT ¥ 600 / ICE ¥ 650

Original blended herbal tea

HOT ¥600 / ICE ¥ 600

Local beer

¥ 800


Cafe Drome for lunch

Pasta and sandwiches are available (subject to change).

The pasta is fresh pasta made with 100% Gunma-grown "Kinu no Nami" wheat and other carefully selected ingredients (presented to Prime Minister Kishida at the Prime Minister's Office in June 2023, and has also received many awards: (

It is a chunky and firm fresh pasta!

Weekdays 11:00-14:00
Weekends and holidays 11:00-15:00


Feel free to order single items.

Seasonal quiche(1 piece)

¥ 500

Chiffon Cake with Ice Cream



¥ 600

vanilla ice cream

¥ 600

Take away

In addition to the café menu, we also offer takeout service for our homemade sweets and sandwiches. If you feel a little peckish, you can order a snack and take a stroll around Tomioka!

Sandwich sales box

Hormone-age Sandwich", a sandwich made from "Hormone-age", a specialty of Jyoshu-Tomioka
Why don't you set up sandwich sales boxes in factory rest areas, cafeterias, offices, etc. to enhance your company's welfare program?